Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Saxon infantryman (1870) WIP (2)

Worked a little more on this chap. Working it as a DPS though I may just make it one A3 sized plate. It's going to take some time to finish the intricate helmet plate. Need to shoehorn the belt plate in if I can too.


  1. This is amazing dude! Great work as always.

  2. Thanks dudek. Finally getting off my ass and getting a portfolio of plates together. Thinking of pushing it around some military publishers next year.

    Illustrator is fast becoming my new best friend.

  3. You'll have to give me some lessons!

    Which reminds me; if I wanted to commission you for something would you have time? Your planes still amaze me and I want a side profile jet - maybe a Phantom. In Illustrator so I can get printed large format for you to sign! Showed Becks your work and she was gobsmacked - reckons its some of the best work she's seen.

    Do it!

  4. That's very kind of Becks to say, and yes man, I can make the time to put together a jet commission for you. Is there any particular Phantom you had in mind - USAF or RAF? whether it has camo or not etc etc etc, with or without nose 'shark teeth'...

    Let me know.